running thoughts

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when i run, i catch my breath.
when i breathe, i catch my life.
when i live, i get out of breath.
and so, i run to breathe and live to worry about life.
there’s more to life than just running.
like running faster and longer
but that is when you don’t have a life to worry about.
so is ‘running’ running away from you life?
some run to make a living.
some run to loose weight.
some eat to survive a run.
some run to be with friends.
some run to be alone.
some run to think.
some run to loose their mind.
it’s midnight and running thoughts running in my mind.
by morning i hope there would be running on the road
that is, if life won’t get in the way.
tik tok bdm160 alarm is about to get off
moveover life i have some running to do.

run-breathe-live. at the moment it’s live-breathe-run.


i’m an ultrarunner…NOT!

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now that we have events like 100k and 100m plus fat ass 24h, some runners are quickly joining the bandwagon and start coining themselves as ultra-runner. i am not an exception to this. all along, i thought running something beyond marathon (42K) gives you the right to be an ultra-runner. this great sport is still very young in our country and i am are already giving it a big disgrace.

let’s say i ran 50k and i still feel good and strong, am i an ultra-runner already? duh. do we have such low standards? full of pride and excitement to be tagged or recognized as ultra-runner. well, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

to enlighten me about the terminology ‘ultra-running’ and ‘ultra-runner’ as a result, the best resource would be no other than the greek god of ultrarunning himself  ‘yannis kuoros’ according to his presentation: (excerpts only… read the whole thing at ‘’)

—————————-snippet start————————————-

(Real) Ultra-running, in its precise description, is a competitive, but continuous (when the race clock does not stop during the same and entire race) running sport, organized officially under internationally set regulations where judges control the entire event and its scoring development, and takes place on the track (indoors or outdoors) or on the road –touching the ground and not an apparatus, like a treadmill, moving mechanically or electronically or by any other artificial means- for a period of time beyond 24 hours –as a runner has to face the whole spectrum of the daytime and nighttime and be able to continue.
Doing so, he/she will prove that he/she can run beyond the effectiveness of genetic gifts and fitness level, as these elements will have gone from the duration of time and the muscular exhaustion. However, because an Ultra-runner –in the true sense of Ultra-running- should be a unique person with mental endurance, going beyond common expectation and achieving high performances, the result of the spiritual abilities should be effectively proven: If the runner stays back in order to avoid surpassing his/her limits with many stops and rests, which leads to a low performance, this also means that the runner lacks the characteristics and the attitude of the true sense of Ultra-runner.

50 to 100 km or miles and 6 to 12h event are long distance running activities
These events are of course longer than a marathon but, due to the fact that in this field we see runners who can be distinguished by great performances (and we should acknowledge that) through their genes and training fitness, their approach is similar to the marathon and their physical abilities could be measured with ergophysiological methods, as they belong to and obey physical laws. Therefore, the metaphysical characteristics of these runners cannot be proven here (but it can be hidden or, a runner could be a “potential Ultra-runner” as I call it), because the period of the time is not long enough for their genes and training form to disappear. Thus, the state of the mind and the metaphysical abilities could not take over and continue. An exception should be considered the case when a 50-100km/mile runner does well in races beyond 24 hours and in multi-day races. Consequently, this category of races is meant for specialists and they have special terms as 50km, 50m, 100km, 100m and 6-hour and 12-hour race on the track or road, but since the duration is not enough, they do not meet the criteria of the true sense of Ultra-running.

———————-snippet end—————————————-

ultra-running is running beyond your fitness level…short of saying ‘chasing death’ :P

after finishing your 100k, can you go for 100 more?

runners let us humble ourselves…let’s us be a running community of good character not just of strong legs and big mouth. we are all ‘potential-ultra-runners’ with lots of practice and patience ( a sprinkle of craziness and a pinch of salt,)  we will earn our way to becoming a “real ultrarunner!”

may you have a good one at BDM160!

bdm160 dreaming

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i stopped running. the term ‘life gets in the way of running’ (aka ‘i’m too lazy’) can sum it all up.

i have not joined any race since i dnf(ed) tnf after the first 67k loop. t’was a long kiss goodnight and an REM of the BDM160 woke me up from the long slumber. it’s time to ‘hit the road, jack!’. and i did. it started with the fat ass 24-hour longest run before fat ass was just a menial 25k backed up by some backstreet/treadmill 10ks. but i still managed to run enough loops to gain confidence in joining BDM160. i guess i didn’t need more practice. the presence of the old folks (bdm classmates) jumpstarted my leg muscle memory (if there is such).  fat ass was a good ‘cramming-your-way-to-160k’  prep. thanks to don-jon-(son). ‘pasimuno’ like you are much needed by the ultrarunning community.

for the weeks to come, i don’t know what to do but to run as much as i can until two weeks before the race day. pig out and get ready to rumble.

i’ll try this gameplan for the race:

  1. 30k run fast – i cannot run any faster later on the race and it’s a good investment miles
  2. 20k run slow – recovery miles
  3. 30k jog – sunbathing miles
  4. 90k run-walk-run (walk-run-walk…a more correct way of putting it) – patience, patience, patience for my support crew

i don’t know how will this measure up to Rockstar Gene Olvis. I am sure i’ll be ditching the gameplan above during the race, the moment i start eating his dust and just run with all my guts (aka ‘bahala-na-si-batman’)

i have no intention of winning, but my objectives for the race are (in particular order)

  1. to beat Gene (just to clarify..he’s a good man and a great runner..just using him as a motivation)
  2. to finish below 22 hours
  3. just gaddam finish before cutoff

maybe i’m still dreaming. sleep running!?! paying 5k surely would wake me up…(it’s the last day to pay..lazy boy!)

chased by fatassers (wish! from someone)

milo marathon: in the (very) nick of time

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i finished 4:00 and 50 seconds. at the last 15km marker, thoughts of  not making it on time already entered. i took some walking breaks but managed to run again. last 8 km, i did my math and at pace that i was keeping, i really wouldn’t make it. upon reaching the last 3 km marker (actual yellow post km marker) with 15 minutes remaining, i thought of giving it a fight…to h3ll with all the pain! reaching km 0 marker, i heard different remaining times some yelled last 5 mins and others last 2 mins. but checking my own watch it was 3:59 already. i ran without breathing to gain more speed. but from afar, (after the last bend) i already saw the timer at 4:00:30 and so i just slowed down and let the other runners also struggling to beat the time. i reached the line 4 hours and DAMNED 50 seconds. duh!

as the saying goes, “nasa huli ang pagsisisi” i should have been more positive and read all the many shirts are saying…”kaya mo yan” instead of doing arithmetic to find out if i can still make it.

so it’s either i’m “sabit sa Elimination” or “sabit sa Finals”…and i really hope that it’s the latter. if not, i learned a very good lesson. don’t underestimate yourself!

Botak 100k run: thank you

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i don’t have the luxury of time to write about things but i don’t want to miss the opportunity to thank the following people during the last botak 100k run

1. ralph and the fiesta boys
2. the camanava runners (esp. to Isko, Jeff and Tukayo…big brothers with big hearts)
3. botak organizers/support crew/marshals (esp. to sir Ian and sir Nev)
4. the PUR ladies and gents
5. aid station
6. all the runners who joined the race (esp to cesar, sir ronnie, sir jun and sir al of pur)

i finished 9th (haha..sauli bayad) but it was impossible without the help of the all people mentioned above and i may have forgotten to mention. as an individual runner, i am amazed on how other running groups open their doors and support. God bless you all! I am sending my 2,000 (thanks and prayers) to all of you.

walk like a man – 24-hour walkabout

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when: June 12 Friday 7am to June 13 Saturday 7am
where: fort boni (see map resembling a walking man)
assembly/start: mckinley hill entrance

walking man route map

walking man route map

route detail (total of 23km)
1. (start) at mckinley hill entrance (using r.d.c road or main road) to c5 and back [front arm]
2 lawton ave. from mckinley hill entrance to bayani road  [belly]
3 bayani road from lawton ave to c5 and back [front arm]
4. lawton ave from bayani road to SLEX and back [rear leg]
5. lawton ave from bayani road to mckinley road [torso]
6. mckinley road from lawton ave to edsa and back [rear arm]
7.a left at 5th ave until rizal dr [nape]
7.b whole stretch of rizal dr up to PNOC [back of the head]
7.c right at 38th parkway (towards market! market!) [forehead]
7.d mckinley parkway up to mckinley road corner lawton ave. [face]
8. (end of loop) lawton ave from mckinley road to mckinley hill entrance [chest]

close approximate distance of each body part
4.5km – head (fort boni circle)
2.5km – front arm (mckinley hill)
3.5km – rear arm (mckinley road)
3.5km – torso (upper lawton ave)
4.0km – rear leg (lower lawton ave)
5.0km – front leg (bayani road)

target of (target lang…won’t be strict about it)
-100-120km for 24 hours
-4 to 6 loops of the walking man route map

this is not a competition or an independence rally. no fees will be collected and no race shirt will be given away :p

this is a preparation for ultramarathon race (time on your feet practice)

1. break should be limited to 15 min (per pitstop)
2. no sleeping (but sleep walking is allowed)
3. no riding on anything with wheels
4. no support vehicle (this will only cause traffic and add pollution)

1. flashlight
2. water and food (in case lang, you get thirsty or hungry. if not, then just keep on walking)

1. shell edsa cor mckinley
2. boni stopover
3. mckinley hill
4. 24 hr conveniece store along bayani road
5. 7/11 SLEX cor lawton

this should be easy for runners. it’s soooo easy to walk. so…are you man enough to walk? of course, ladies are most welcome to join.
meron ba kayong mga paa?

a ferry misadventure

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since there were no joiners other than the vitalez boys, i decided to change the plan because i needed to be home early to look after the kids. instead of starting at 4:30am, we started 2:30am with the aim to catch the 6:30am ferry ride.

the route was not well-lit and we didn’t have time to enjoy sites like the aguinaldo’s shrine and churches. we passed by a lot of small nite clubs or bars and i heard the funniest comment ever for a runner from a bar girl. she yelled ‘oy! yung mga itlog nyo baka magsi-lawlaw!’

a big portion of the road from noveleta to cavite city was very narrow. the road was enough for 2 vehicles only so we were forced to walk on a muddy sidewalk (sigh!). we arrived 5:30am and some 6:00am. we were excited to ride the ferry back to moa and have our breakfast.

excited to ride the ferry

excited to ride the ferry

only to find out…that on holidays, saturdays and sundays the first trip is 9:30am.
we didn’t opt to wait for the 9:30am trip. instead, we just commuted on a chilly aircon bus.

a sudden change of plan made things went wrong. anyway, the weekend runaway (getaway) was still fun.

take two?!? still wanting to ride that ferry!

btw…i checked out my private ryan after the run to see if the bar girls comment was true….still in good place!